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I stepped foot into a new city for the first time at the age of 6, and today after over two long decades I have proudly checked over 30 domestic destinations and about 15 international destinations off my list! Along with being a passionate traveler I am also an amateur photographer and an absolute foodie. Books and music are my best friends. I am the girl you would find breathing bliss amidst nature with earphones plugged in her ears and a book in her hand. But I am also the girl sitting in different cafes sharing stories with the locals.

Some say travel needs a lot of money. I say ‘you don’t need to be rich to travel’. Travel only needs a heart strong enough to tackle what comes along with it. Travel is not mellow and all pink. Its experience. Its tired feet. Its aching back and a satisfied soul.

On this page I will be sharing with you, my personal experiences on traveling to different destinations through the years- both mellow and the rough. Stay tuned for some beautiful visuals, travel info and a bunch of beautiful stories that I captured through all my travel journeys.


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