16 Experienced Travelers Share Their Best Travel Advice To Inspire The Traveler In You

Travel tips. Because everyone needs them? Traveling alone? Traveling as a couple? With family? Or friends? These are some of the best travel tips one could get? My friend from @travelstoriesuntold has summed up some helpful advice from travelers around the world. Read them here ? where iz my boarding passDreamy Traveler| Seeing the world through my lens| Social media junkie| Bibliophile| Food-a-holic| Music lover


Why are women bound to be within safe boundaries? Why do women need to be told what to do, when to do, how to do? Why is it that the world looks at you by surprise if you are a female traveler? They say travel broadens the mind and the heart and gives wings to people who gather the courage to walk the path they want. And its true. Travel changes the soul in you. And it requires immense courage and a sense of adventure to travel female. Here’s a question: We know travel brings exposure and open-mindedness. Then why…