Top 5 Travel books you should absolutely read

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Books are man’s best friend. Travel books are a travelers paradise. They make us live different lives in one single lifetime. They paint a world full of imagination and wonder. Some books we read and forget, and then there are some others that engrave words in our memories.

These are my most favorite travel books ever. I have read and re-read them over time and I’d swear by them at any point in life. They have given me the gift of perspective, freedom, and  factual and responsible travel. Here are 5 books that I promise, will light the fire of wanderlust in you.

  1. Into the wild – by Jon Krakauer
Into the wild - A travel book documentary

A regretful story of a hard-working young man who quits school to feed his desire for traveling the road less taken. Why does a kid give up his future in law school? Why does he leave behind his possessions? Why is his car found in the middle of nowhere? Why does he abandon everything and everyone he meets? What does his quest for the unknown cost him?

This is one of the most intriguing books (and movie) I have ever read; it took me weeks to complete it simply because at any given time I couldn’t read ahead of 4 pages. It makes you question so many things in life. It had me hooked on for days. Read it to know the answers.

  • Eat Pray Love – by Elizabeth Gilbert
Eat Pray Love - travel book

The story of an American woman in her early thirties, who leaves everything behind to uncover different hidden aspects of her nature through travel. She goes through a midlife crisis when she decides to travel to Italy for pleasure, India for peace and wisdom and then to Bali for fun. This book may have mixed reviews. I didn’t like it the first time, but when I read it again, I realized the beauty of the book and her journey to spirituality. Read it and decide for yourself.

  • The shooting star – by Shivya Nath
The shooting star, Travel book, Shivya nath

This is one story I closely associate with. Not because I have anything to do with it, but because I have followed Shivya’s journey from the beginning of my travel blogging days. She is one woman I adore and look up to for any travel decision I make. A girl, her backpack and the road, the shooting star is the story of Shivya, after she decides to sell all her belongings and leaves everything for a nomadic life. She takes her readers through a journey into the remotest corners of the earth, places one can only dream of going. The biggest takeaway from the book – Responsible travel!

  • Into Thin Air – by Jon Krakauer
Travel Book - Into thin air

Maybe because of my love for mountains and my quest to hike and climb mountains and valleys, ‘Into thin air’ is a book I connect with on many different levels. Now, I am not a professional mountaineer, but the very urgency any mountaineer feels when he/she takes a climb, I know that feeling. This book is about the choice mountaineers make to summit Mount Everest and the reasons why they put themselves onto the death zone. It sure is a tragedy, but it is also equally intriguing to run into the minds of obsessed mountaineers and their quench for such risky desires.

  • The Alchemist – by Paulo Coelho
The alchemist

“The darkest hour of the night is just before the dawn”.

There are so many things one can learn from this book. The Alchemist is all about following and fulfilling your dreams and desires. And by following, he means, really giving up everything that comes in between and just focus on the one. And when you finally decide to follow your dreams, the universe conspires to make everything happen in your favor. But what do you do when things start going downhill? What do you do when the darkest hour arrives? Do you give up? Do you walk face front into trouble? This is where the test begins. The real test. We learn all this during Santiago’s travel journey in search of a worldly treasure. This book is all about essential wisdom, spirituality, learning, unlearning and learning again.

Travel books you should absolutely read - whereizmyboardingpass

If you have travel books that have inspired your wanderlust, I’d love to read them. Share them in the comments below!

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