16 Experienced Travelers Share Their Best Travel Advice To Inspire The Traveler In You

Travel tips. Because everyone needs them💖
Traveling alone? Traveling as a couple? With family? Or friends?
These are some of the best travel tips one could get😁

My friend from @travelstoriesuntold has summed up some helpful advice from travelers around the world. Read them here 😁

Travel Stories Untold

Does the thought of traveling scare you? Is it the fear of venturing out of your comfort zone? Or the fear of getting lost in an unknown place? Perhaps, simply the thought that it will be too expensive?

I won’t try to undermine your fear by saying these are irrational thoughts. However, I will definitely attempt to alleviate them by arming you with the information you need. So, here are some of the best travel advice and travel tips from 16 experienced travelers.

Some of them will help you learn how to cut costs and travel on a budget while others will simply inspire and motivate the traveler in you. But first, what’s the best travel advice I have for you? Here goes.

Book your flights, way in advance – at least a good three to six months before your trip – to save on costs. Check for multiple different…

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