Equality – A mythical unicorn

I sincerely hope #MeToo turns to #IBelieveYou to spread mental support to the victims and #NowWhat to bring this ruthlessness to halt.

The year 2017 is probably going to be remembered for the way some massive campaigns rocketed for rather lesser talked about social issues across the world. Forget feminism rants, forget climate control or even the rise of the ISIS. These issues have for a long time gained limelight over mainstream media. I am talking about the lesser discussed social norms and mental illness. Shazaam (a music recognition app) collaborated with Alzheimers research UK to educate people about the effects and the magnitude of Alzheimers disease. It was the day Shazaam forgot to recognize songs. Users received messages from the app equivalent to people suffering from the disease. Although an excellent way to raise awareness, the campaign remained off mainstream media.

Another social awareness campaign that has fueled overnight is the #MeToo campaign with the idea to bring the magnitude of sexual assault, sexual harassment and rape culture into limelight. On 15th October, actress Alyssa Milano started with the hashtag (#MeToo) on twitter to encourage women who’d been sexually assaulted and harassed to tweet the hashtag. Overnight the hashtag was tweeted over half a million times. And these are just overnight twitter stats. Pile in the flooded number of Facebook status’, pins and Instagram stories, the numbers are flooding the internet. The whole idea for such a campaign is to raise awareness across boundaries and understand how unfortunately common this social issue is.

While this started as a women-centric campaign for obvious reasons, I would use my platform to raise awareness with the fact that assault, harassment or rape is not limited to women alone. The ratio undoubtedly and unfortunately is in favor of women, but there are men out there who have faced sexual assault in ways they probably wouldn’t even talk about. Not everyone will ever understand the imprints any kind of abuse would leave over the victim, but neglecting or ignoring the fact that some men or people with no gender preference have also been on the darker side of the fence is erroneous.

This was my Instagram post from earlier today by which I wish to extend my hands towards all humans who have been victims to such infelicitous incidents.


Me too.
Because its not only about women.
Because there is no inclination toward or prejudice against a single gender.
Because it can happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime.
Because it is okay to speak about it.
A few years ago in an equality and empowerment seminar over 250 people (men and women) were asked whether they had been sexually assaulted? Less than 10 of them raised their hands.
The same question was asked again, only this time the participants were asked to close their eyes. They were then asked to open their eyes just to see almost every hand go up.
We don’t speak up to such issues because they are to be ashamed of, ignored and filed into a dusted corner of our mind. We leave them unspoken because such things should remain private (as stereotyped)? Women don’t speak of this out of fear, but so do men. They don’t address these issues because – its not that common? The man was such a pussy? Be a man?… the rants go on!
Have we ever left everything aside and given this a serious thought? The magnitude of this issue is so massive and deeply disturbing that we have all convinced ourselves to stay in the box.
Here’s a shout out to everyone who has been sexually harassed or assaulted. It was hard to face it. It is harder to accept it. But it is also important to talk about it. The campaign asks all women to share #MeToo in support of creating awareness and measuring the actual magnitude of the problem. I would extend this to all the men who have been victims to this crippling issue.
Because it can happen to anyone.
This issue will endure for as long as we remain silent.
Equality will remain a mythical unicorn if we cannot extend this on zero gender bias!


The fact that every woman has at some point in life faced sexual harassment, the evocative stories of some men and the troubled marks these instances have left on us all, is fiercely alarming. I sincerely hope #MeToo turns to #IBelieveYou to spread mental support to the victims and #NowWhat to bring this ruthlessness to halt.  


Tell me what you think about this and help raise awareness. If you know someone who has been a victim to sexual assault, harassment or rape (irrespective of gender), extend your emotional support to them and if you are a victim yourself, talk to someone you are comfortable with. And understand that its also okay not to talk about it if it makes you uncomfortable, but DO NOT drown yourself in the dark. You will be okay. 

Lets all work toward putting a halt to this.

Share this. Raise awareness.

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Intersecting souls

An intimacy, the world wouldn’t understand. An intimacy from which you can never recover. Intersecting souls is all about that!

Have you ever laid eyes on a total stranger and felt something? You have no idea about them, you don’t even know their name, but then, there is something that strikes a cord in your heart. There is something that moved you the second you laid eyes on them. Everything felt right. Everything felt in place. The curiosity burns wanting to know more, because there is something that attracted you so much to them, and you just want to define that ‘something’. I mean, How often does it happen that the strings of your heart, mind, body and soul strike a note all at the same time? 

You dare to make a daydream. What could be? Did you picture the scene in your mind’s eye and make them your’s just for the moment? This scribbling exists because of the moment, the if’s and the day dreams. “Is it just me?” She wondered. “Or does this happen to a lot of other people? You know, the feeling when a beautiful soul attracts you to them like gravity and blows your mind away?”

It happened to her that eventful evening. When she walked in the cafe for a quick coffee and happened to see this stranger. He had the limelight, was the center of attention and the whole place was cheering for him. But that’s not what she saw. To her he was a guy very much lost in a world he had painted for himself, where no body was allowed. Where existed just him and his music. For the rest of them he was a musician doing his job. For her he was a lost soul trying to find himself amidst the shiny lights, the loud air, the smoke. The crowd cheered and grooved every time he played, but her heart dropped with every expression that settled upon his face against every beat. She knew there was more to him than what he portrayed. She knew there was pain and struggle and beauty beyond the look in his eyes. She knew she wouldn’t get over this evening for a very very long time. She knew the face, the serene beauty of feeling lost and his tired soul is not something worth forgetting. He was a stranger and she knew their souls had traversed.

It’s not every day that two souls cross over in a way that changes your entire perception about irony. She was in that place at that moment feeling lost herself, when she knew she wasn’t alone. In a place breathing of people from around the world, she found someone to share her lost soul with. The perfect stranger was around the corner just as much waiting to be found.

It’s not every day that a striking stranger crosses your path and leaves a haze of intrigue in your mind that distorts your focus for the moment. We sometimes somehow encounter people, who begin to interest us at first sight, somehow suddenly all at once, before a word has been spoken.

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No promises


I am not going to make promises and say I will love you forever. Because here’s the truth: forever doesn’t exist. For some, forever’s extend until death pulls them apart. For some others, forever’s last a few months. For the rest not even a night. ‘Forever’ is just the result of one’s perspective, holding a different definition for each.

So yeah, I am not going to promise you forever, because I will promise you a ‘Now’. You are here in this moment with me. Both of us know we are going to part ways, and also meet again, because the world is fucking small and I believe in destiny. I found a connection with you, which I found with no one else, and I am a traveler. I hop from one place to another and meet hundreds of people on the road. But I have never met another you. I know I cannot stay here for long, and I know parting ways will be harsh. But a promise I can’t keep will only make it harder and more painful. And trust me when I say this, we think we can handle the aftermath, but we do not have that kind of pain threshold. My heart has been scattered, cheated on, stamped upon and broken a lot. Not just by men, but by family and by friends even. I have been promised forever’s from a lot of people who now only exist in my past. I don’t want you to be one of them. I want you in my present and in every coming present. That’s how much I wish for you. I know I cannot have you for all day every day of my life and I have silently accepted the reality. But I do want you in all the moments I know I can. And I want to be there for you as your guiding soul in whatever way I can.

It is not something that can be explained. Surely not something everyone would even understand. And I know the world is going to laugh this belief, this perspective away, even cheap tag it. But who cares? I sure don’t. I know I crossed paths with you for a reason. I know I feel my soul connect with yours for a reason. I don’t have to explain that to the world.

Because the world is not going to understand when I say how at peace I am with you being in the same room. They are not going to accept how quite we can be and still manage to talk to each other without exchanging words. They are not going to believe how only I can see the pain hidden within your hoarse voice. It is me, who gets the unsaid words behind your songs. It is me, who sees a whole universe running behind those shut eyes. It is me, who holds your hand to hold you altogether. It is me, who shares your worries at 3 am and it is me who understands that the world is never going to be fair, but chooses to be there for you, because in you I found my soulmate.

So I am not going to promise you forever, because forever’s are fading and in a time when we aint guaranteed even a tomorrow, forever to me will last only in the present. I am here today, I am here now and I will be the one holding your hand and cheering for you in the crowd, because I know what lies beneath those shiny deep brown eyes and under the cuts on those fingers. And that’s why I promise you a Now.



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