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Boutique Hotels – 5 reasons to choose them!

No matter which part of the world you travel to, where you stay makes a massive impact on your overall travel experience. If you’re a gypsy soul, a wanderer or just a travel lover looking for offbeat options, a boutique hotel is a great option. Here are five reasons why you should skip the regular hotels for a character filled experience at a boutique hotel for your next vacay!

London for the Budget Traveler – The BoardingPass Tips!

  It’s no secret that London is an expensive city. From food to sightseeing to shopping and to something as simple as conveyance, London can be pretty heavy on the pockets. However, allow me to break the myth here. Budget travel isn’t easy when it comes to London. But…   You can travel around London without breaking the bank.   That’s right people. Take it from someone who has travelled around London for over 4-5 times. Once solo, once with family and a few other times with friends, I have seen and done London the expensive way and the budget…

Fika – Lets brew it!

Shhhh… my coffee and I are having a moment. I will deal with you later.   Halla friends! As promised, out of my sheer love for cultural learning and oh, COFFEE, this blog’s dedicated to a momentary romance with coffee, or as the Swedes call it – FIKA! Somewhere on the Island of södermalm, I found a little café on the corner with a board outside that said – FIKA! The word in itself was so sweet to read I was intrigued to google it up. “OK google! What does Fika mean?” “Fika is a coffee break”. My heart the…

Stockholm – a dreamy December’s journal

As light rain and snow tumbles down the city of Stockholm, I walk on the street of Strandvägen spotting thin layers of snow on the many wooden benches at the banks of Lake Mälaren. I spot some words written on each of those benches and decide to leave my own mark for however long they remain.